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Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN

Lowertown Landing is dedicated to supporting the continued growth and rejuvenation of the Lowertown historic district of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Singles Awareness Day Crawl!


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Singles Awareness Day Crawl!

  • Kelly's Depot Bar and Grill 241 Kellogg Boulevard East Saint Paul, MN 55101 (map)

What is Singles Awareness Day you ask? It is the one day of the year set aside specifically to remind single people of exactly how single they are! I’m kidding. (Sort of) Let’s get together and celebrate our single status! Since most restaurants will overrun with lovebirds at night we’re making this a day drinking extravaganza, to be held in and around the Lowertown Saint Paul area.

“But Holly, this sounds fun, my boyfriend/wife/lover and I want to come!” Please don’t let the name of this celebration scare you off, join us! Just know that if any lovey-dovey stuff starts happening there’s a high probability that one of us will dump a glass of water over your heads to cool you off. Again, I’m kidding. (Sort of)

We’ll kick off the day at Kelly’s Depot (lots and lots of parking available across the street at Union Depot!) and work our way around from there. I’m thinking Senor Wong’s (aka SW Craft Bar), Faces, Public, Barrio, Bulldog, and Gopher, perhaps in that order? We can figure it out day-of depending on the weather and what everyone wants to do.

I know, I know, we do lots of stuff in Lowertown but my logic for this location is, it’s a high concentration of bars in a relatively small area, if it’s cold a lot of them are accessible by skyway, and (here’s the big one!) what’s a Singles Awareness Party without a trip to the Gopher Bar?!

Join us for an hour, join us for the whole day, or join us until we have to pour you into a cab and send you home! See you there! ~Holly