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Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN

Lowertown Landing is dedicated to supporting the continued growth and rejuvenation of the Lowertown historic district of Saint Paul, Minnesota.


Lowertown History Videos

Below are videos created by Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) as part of the Lowertown: Rise of an Urban Village Documentary. The full documentary can be viewed on the TPT site

Lowertown: Rise of an Urban Village Promo Video
When you want a taste of old St. Paul, Lowertown is where people go. "Lowertown: The Rise of an Urban Village" is an exploration of how Lowertown, Downtown St. Paul's historic district, went from abandoned warehouses to a vital urban village.

Union Depot Walking Tour
This guided tour will take you through the Union Depot, from the massive columns out front to the Station Master's office and cavernous expanse of a waiting room -- it's a look into the Depot's vibrant history and origins as a hub in the state.

Renovation of the Cass Gilbert Building
The renovation of the Cass Gilbert Building is nothing short of remarkable -- from the chemical cleaning of its exterior walls to the views of its stacked timber and steal structure. It is a work of architectural art.

Minnesota's First Steam Locomotive
The Wm. Crooks, Minnesota's first steam locomotive, was brought back in 1954 for permanent display within the lobby of the Union Depot, where it remained until the Depot closed in 1971. Watch the video to find out where the Wm. Crooks resides now.

Historic Preservation
Saint Paul, along with so many other cities in the '60s and '70s, knocked down many buildings to clear a path for the future. Lowertown, however, managed largely to avoid the wrecking ball -- partly because the "big, honking" buildings were too expensive to tear down.

Historic Warehouses
These warehouses, often loft spaces, could be used for anything -- manufacturing, retail, storage. Wide open inside, they remain flexible in use and owe their purpose to the railroads.

Spring Comes to Saint Paul
Once the river froze for the winter, St. Paul was isolated, as the river was the one great highway in and out of Minnesota. You can imagine the spring fever that sets in before hearing the first steamboat's whistle that signaled the arrival of everything from loved ones' letters to food.