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Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN

Lowertown Landing is dedicated to supporting the continued growth and rejuvenation of the Lowertown historic district of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Lowertown Union Depot.jpg


Lowertown grew up at the Lower Landing on the Mississippi River, beginning in the 1840s. As Saint Paul grew, Lowertown evolved into a major warehouse and distribution center serving the entire Upper Midwest.

Lowertown’s railroad, manufacturing, and wholesaling companies expressed their pride and permanence in the structures they erected, beginning in the 1880s. A significant concentration of these buildings survive, unified by similar architectural styles and construction materials. Many were designed by the city’s most prestigious architects, including Cass Gilbert and Clarence Johnston. Each of the buildings listed below has a page devoted to them. Please click on their respective links to learn more. 


  • Northwestern Building (Previously known as The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad Building, 275 E. 4th Street)
  • Parkside Apartments (Previously known as: Western Supply Co., Gotzian Shoe Co., and J. H. Mahler Co. - 250 E. 5th St.)
  • Park Square Court  (Previously known as: Noyes Brothers - 400 Sibley St.)
  • River Park Lofts  (Previously known as: Sommers Co. and Lowertown Business Center - 406 Wacouta St.) 
  • Strauss Lofts  (Previously known as: John Wann Building, Fairbanks-Morse Co., Powers Dry Goods Co., and Mears Park Center - 350 N. Sibley St.)
  • Tilsner  (Previously known as: Griggs and Fosters F.O.K. Building - 300 Broadway St.)
  • The Cosmopolitan  (Previously known as: Finch, Van Slyck, and McConville Dry Goods Co. - 366 Wacouta St.)
  • Union Depot  (214 E. 4th St.)