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Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN

Lowertown Landing is dedicated to supporting the continued growth and rejuvenation of the Lowertown historic district of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Foley Bros and Kelly Warehouse.jpg

Northern Warehouse Artist Cooperative

(Previously known as: Foley Brothers and Kelley Warehouse - 308 Prince St.)

Built 1903, the Foley Brothers & Kelly Warehouse was designed by local architect, John Walter. It is a Renaissance Revival Style building with sixteen bays placed along Prince Street (north). Through the center of the building there is an open shaft nicknamed the “lowerator” as it lowered merchandise from the upper 5 floors to the ground level where there was a shipping clerk office and conveyer to move goods out to the street and to wagons to haul goods away.  First floor wood windows at the east elevation are original. The south elevation is faced with buff-colored common brick on a limestone base. A prominent brick chimney is at the northeast corner of the flat roof.

Foley Brothers Construction Company: Foley Brothers, Inc., was a Northern Pacific Railroad contractor that diversified into other businesses. Foley Brothers & Kelly, wholesale grocers which utilized the warehouse, were an outgrowth of the earliest St. Paul wholesale grocers, Temple and Beaupre, established in 1853. The grocery business remained on Prince Street until 1925 when the company moved to University and Fairview Avenues.

Eventually, the Foley Brothers laid over 25,000 miles of railroad track in the United States, in Canada, and in Saudi Arabia from 1887 until the 1920's for the Canadian Pacific RailRoad, the Canadian National RailRoad, the Great Northern RailRoad, the Northern Pacific RailRoad, the St. Paul Union Depot Company, the B.C. Southern RailRoad, the Soo Line RailRoad, and other railroads. The cities of Foleyabob, Saudi Arabia, and Foleyet, Canada, were both named after the Foley brothers!

In 1989, the City of Saint Paul invited Artspace to redevelop the building into 53 affordable artist live work spaces.